2013-2014 Calendar


This will list activities at a glance for the 2014-2015 academic year, so scroll down to find the month you are looking for below. Check back as current events will be added. Regular teaching, meetings, eating, family and regular church activities are not included. For archive purposes 2013-2014  and 2012-2013 appear below the current year’s activities.

September 2014  

14-23  Church Music workshops, birth of new Lake Tanganika Dioces and installation
of their first bishop, Mwaipopo in Sumbawanga (3,520 km round trip driving)

27 Jazz Gig at ISM with Megan, Nathan, Randy, David & Ray Seng’enge


1    Surprise, the academic year has been delayed by a few weeks, again

5 Meru Diocese Choir Competition Finals

5-6  Stubbs’ family get-away to TPC

7  ELCA visitors at Makumira (Chicago office and Ascension Lutheran Church, CA)

9 Carol and Megan to Dar es Salaam for gig

12 Arusha Diocese Choir competition

20 Classes begin

26 Juliana’s Form IV Graduation at Mariado School


1-9  Megan to Nairobi to give masterclasses, recital, and perform with Nairobi Symphony

2  Play for Mushono Congregation Confirmation (67 students!)

22  Makumira graduation

22-23 Carol and Megan to Dar for gig

28 Randy and Research Director Aliko to International Library of African Music (South Africa)


3 Randy and Aliko return from South Africa

20  Manyenye returns from Sibelius Academy music exchange

23  Candlelight Carols at ACC

31  Carol, Megan, Randy music at the Arusha Hotel New Year’s Eve Festivities

January  2015

7-20  Randy, Megan, Sululu & Yen Lin to Malaysia for GLOMUS Camp

25  Music Department Concert at Makumira


2-13 Final exams

7-11 visit & concert from Dr. William Phemister, Wheaton Bible College

11  Year 2 of the Cultural Arts Centre Project begins

12-15 Zanzibar Sauti za Busara Festival

22 Recital by Esa Ruuttenen, Finnish Opera Singer (Randy accompany)


2-4 EU Evaluation of Cultural Arts Centre project, year 1

9-12  Supplementary Exams

16  Second Semester begins

14 & 15 Megan solos with the Nairobi Symphony! (Elgar Cello Concerto)

27-30 ELCA East Africa Missionary Retreat


1-7 Easter break and Kwaya Kuu choir tour to Bukoba

12 April  Catherine Mushi to Germany for 3 months (workshops and performances)


4-31 Intensive Dance & Professional Skills Training Course for the Cultural Arts Centre

15 Official Inauguration and Laying of the Foundation Stone for the Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira

17 Music Department performance at Kantate, Makumira

19 Sophia Kuyenga returns to Tanzania after year 1 of her Masters Degree at TSU

20  Randy & Carol  26th wedding anniversary

23-24 Makumira Music at Lutheran World Federation Conference, Marangu

27 Liz Tomorsky-Knott oboe recital (Randy accompany)

29-31  Cultural Arts Centre staff & dancers at the Karibu Travel Tanzania Fair


7 Music Department Concert at Makumira

15-26  Final Exams

28 (tentative) performance for cultural tour operators for Cultural Arts Centre

29 Stubbs family to States for Home Assignment


Academic Year  2013-2014


1    Surprise, the academic year has been delayed by a few weeks. Catch up on various projects
        at the house, music department, finances, and family recording.

7    Supplementary Examinations begin

13    Megan and Randy gig at Machweo House (jazz)

20    Randy judge Arusha Diocese (North Central Diocese) Choir Finals in Monduli
        (with Leena and Mbilu)

25-27 Randy judge Dar es Salaam Diocese Choir Finals (with Leena, Hezron & Mbilu)

28    First Day of Teaching


6-10    Nairobi trip to play with the Nairobi Symphony Orchestra (with Carol and Megan
        and Liz Tomorsky-Knott as oboe soloist)

11    Friederika from Austria arrives for 2 weeks

12    Liz and Scarlett arrive for 1 week

23    Makumira Graduation (suddenly moved from the 16th)

23-24 Carol and Megan perform in Dar es Salaam with Dar Choral Society


20    Last day of teaching before break

23    Candlelight Carols at Arusha Community Church

24    Christmas Eve Service at Makumira with Yubilate! and Stubbs family

25    Christmas Day Services at Makumira and Loruvani Parishes with Stubbs family
& Gary Sperl arrives in TZ for 2 week visit

January 2014

6    Teaching resumes

12    Visitors from St. John’s Lutheran Church, Springfield, IL visit Makumira programs


9    Music Department Concert

17    Final exams begin


3-30  March  semester break

31 Second semester begins


17-22 Easter Choir Tours


16 May Stacy Maugens (Valparaiso University) arrives for 2 weeks & a recital

20    Randy & Carol 25th Anniversary!


4  Kaghondi returns to Tanzania

17   Finnish Improvisation Troupe at Makumira

25 UNITE at Makumira


6    Music Department Dance & Choir Concert at Makumira

10 Makumira perform at the Segal Family Foundation annual meeting

14-20    Swiss Gospel Choir collaborative workshops and concerts

25 Clarinets for Conservation recording session at Makumira

27 Music Department Classical Concert at ACC


2-3    Jack Cress & family to Ketumbeine

6-27 Carol and Nathan in the States

10 Sophia heads to Texas to begin graduate studies

24 Choir Competition Arusha area

31 Mushono (Sululu) congregation officially inaugurated


Academic Year 2012-2013


1-4   Ethnomusicology Symposium in Dar es Salaam

4-7   Randy leads church music workshops in Dar es Salaam

7      Megan & Carol return to Tanzania

13    Randy to Kasulu, Kigoma, Bukoba, and Kampala (Uganda) for music workshops

27    Randy to Finland and Estonia for partnership meetings


9    The Henninger Family (Austin, TX) arrives at Makumira to teach for 1 academic year

10    Randy returns to Tanzania from Finland

15    Randy and Megan play jazz at Machweo Lodge (with David Seng’enge)

16    Randy judges Northern Diocese Choir Competition Finals

22    Sound system installation at ACC; Loruvani Choir performance at St. Jude’s School

23    Mukidoma School graduation (International Recorder Ensemble)

25-28 Randy and Megan play at the Bagamoyo International Music Festival (with Kasheshi)

28    Stubbs’ family sings and plays music at ACC’s Sacred Music Night

29    Music for One (Korea) visitors arrive for official visit


1    New students arrive for the new academic year

2    Pr. Tim and Diane Sonnenberg arrive from U.S. to teach theology for 1 semester

6    Packing party of 2 gaylords (big boxes) in Illinois for Music for Tanzania, expected arrival in Tanzania next March!

7    Stubbs’ family accompany Ayo’s choir for the Meru Diocese Finals (they win)

14   Stubbs’ family concert at ACC and hike to Kilitoto Crater

20   Randy and Megan play jazz at Machweo Lodge (with David Seng’enge)

21   Randy judge Arusha Choir Competition

23    3 Danish music students arrive for 6 week exchange

26    Joint Concert with the Dar Choral Society in Arusha; Ambria & Julia arrive from the U.S.

30    2 more Danish guests arrive for 9 days for documentation of joint project with DanMission


1    Ella from Finland arrives for 1 semester music exchange

2    The rains begin!

3    Randy leads 3 workshops (Sound System training at ACC, Sound System training at Makumira, Liturgy training for Kwaya ya Neema); Makumira graduates Meraby and Banyanka return for rehearsals for the DanMission project

4    Head to the bush a bit with Danish and American guests

7    Randy’s Birthday

8    Randy & Megan play Latin Gig at the Arusha Hotel

9    Randy plays classical piano concert for a fund-raiser in Moshi (to raise scholarship funds for orphan girls to be able to attend secondary school), Megan helps on 2 cello/piano pieces

11   Ambria & Julia return to the U.S.

12   Opera for Change from the U.K. Project at Makumira

14  Nathan’s Birthday

16  Juliana’s Birthday

17  Makumira Graduation (singing, brass band, traditional dancing, and more!)

20   Music Dept attents concert at Alliance Franco-Tanzania with performers from W. Africa

22   American Thanksgiving at the Jacobson’s home

24   Makumira music department performs at SMMUCo Graduation in Moshi

25   Stubbs’ family leads music and worship at ACC, Pastor Tim preaches


3    Music Scholarship Auditions

5    Danish students return to Denmark

8    Arusha Arts Collaborative Event at Alliance Franco-Tanzania with Makumira fashion models

12  Kasheshi and Leena’s wedding in Finland

16  Carol’s Birthday and Juanita’s violin recital

22  Candlelight Carols at Arusha Community Church

24  Christmas Eve service at Makumira Chapel led by Pr. Tim and Yubilate! Choir

25  Christmas at Makumira with turkey dinner at the Stubbs’ house (“crazy duck” in Swahili)

27  Daris Hale arrives for a 2 week visit!

29  Banyanka and Sabrina’s wedding in Dar

January 2013

3    Classes resume

10-20 GLOMUS conference at Makumira

19    Final GLOMUS Concert at Makumira (3:30 pm)

27    Music Department End-of-Semester performance

28   Final Exams begin

30   Finnish exchange student Ella returns to cold Finland

February 2013

8    Final Exams end

14    Stubbs family performs at the Arusha Hotel in the Hatari Lounge for Valentine’s Day

15    Funeral for Bishop Laiser (Randy in charge of sound & organist; 10,000 persons
including current President of Tanzania and 2 former Presidents and MANY church leaders)

March 2013

2    Randy, Carol, and Nathan reach the summit of Mt. Meru.
Megan almost makes it, but altitude sickness gets in the way.

11   New semester begins

25-26 Vijay Upadhyaya from Vienna arrives for Choral Workshops

28   Easter break begins, choirs go on tour to Mombosa, Kenya

April 2013

3    Classes resume

May 2013

11    Oboist Ian Davidson arrives for 2 weeks (Fulbright Specialist Program)

23    Jon Hurty and Emily Truckenbrod arrive for 8 days

June 2013

16   Makumira hosts the ELCT Jubilee (3 days, LOTS of folks from all around the world)
Randy, Sululu, Hezron, and music department in charge of all sound, video, pictures

22-23 Music Dept End-of-Semester performances in new multi-purpose hall(?!)--Nope! Outside instead

July 2013

1-12    Final Exams

19    Stubbs family begins Home Assignment in the States

22-26 Summer Missionary Conference

September 2013

23    Stubbs’ family return to Tanzania with Katie Harrison (living with us for 6 months)

30    New students arrive for the new academic year--Nope! Start delayed 4 weeks.