Home Assignment 2017



Don’t get worried, we haven’t started scheduling anything yet. We are still waiting to find out when our semester ends! We just thought it would be good to have something change on our practically dormant website. Looking ahead to summer 2017, no matter how you count, it is impossible to visit all our supporting congregations in the time that we have in the States, but we will visit as many as possible.  Home assignment is not the same as vacation. It is a lot of traveling and presenting about the ministry in Tanzania.

We will post and update a schedule as we confirm details with our supporting congregations. We will gladly provide special music (singing and playing), preaching, showing pictures, doing Q&A, and fellowship.

Please scroll down to read some information about hosting the Stubbs’ family.

What does the Stubbs’ family eat?

The Stubbs enjoy a variety of culinary delights with one exception. Carol does do well with wheat on a regular basis. A little now and then is ok and if something contains a trace amount of gluten, like oats, it is no problem. For some of you, this may not create a challenge for you since more and more people these days are giving up wheat, but for those who need ideas on how to feed the wheat free type we have included some suggestions.

  Mexican food: Tacos with chicken, beef, beans, etc. are great, as are. Nachos, enchiladas are all good.

  Rice: We do like brown rice! Rice casseroles,  Asian foods, beans and rice (a staple food for us in TZ),

  Potatoes: Fries, casseroles with cheese, and chips are all OK.

  Cookies: Rice crispy bars are yummy.

  Wheat free bread, baking mixes: These are readily available in most supermarkets. In TZ we do not have these things, but have instead a wonderful selection of non-gluten flours such as sorghum, rice, graham (chick pea), millet and corn.

  Breakfast:  wheat-free cereals, omelets, wheat free toast, oatmeal, fruit, green tea, eggs and hash browns, fried apples.

  Meat:  We do not need to eat it at every meal while in America. We are not vegetarian, but do enjoy eating a lot of fruits and veggies. In TZ we eat meat only a few times per week.

What about accommodation?

We are very flexible with regard to accommodation while visiting your congregation. Homestays are just fine with us. It gives us an opportunity to visit with you further. Beds are nice, sleeper sofas, air mattresses or pads on the floor also work for us. We can stay all in 1 house, in 1 or more rooms. We appreciate anything you can provide as it reduces our expenses while traveling.

How are you paying for your expenses this summer?

Speaking of expenses while traveling, the ELCA pays for our plane tickets from Tanzania to Chicago (and back) every two years for “home assignment.” Because the costs vary for travel to different areas, ELCA Global Mission suggests that the most equitable way to manage expenses is to divide the total cost among all the congregations we visit. This will help us offset our costs for travel, lodging and meals en route. If we visit most of our congregations, we expect this amount to be around $250 (more to get to the California).

We can consider a reduced fee for churches that are less than an hour from DeKalb, Illinois and that provide accommodation (when necessary) and meals, as that will reduce our expenses for visiting. This is our first summer without our “children” Megan (finishing graduate school in Finland) and Nathan (finishing 1st year at University of Texas).  We will drive to visit the Midwest congregations. We have not yet decided about the mode of transportation to Washington and California. Stay tuned for that info.

The goal for home assignment is to break even on expenses while we share about what God is doing in Tanzania. If there are any extra funds at the end of home assignment, it will be donated to our special projects for music in Tanzania through the ELCA (see our support page for more on those projects).

Anything else we should know about the Stubbs family?

Summer 2017 home assignment will include Randy (loves to organize and perform) and Carol (nurtures, supports, sings and plays violin, and recorders), and Marissa (21 years old, almost always happy, loves dancing, plays harp). For additional insights look around the rest of our website or ask.

Thank you.