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Thank you for checking out how to support our family or special projects in Tanzania. There are so many needs throughout Tanzania and throughout the world that are worthy of your contributions. We encourage you to prayerfully consider whether you can give something extra to support global missions. Also, if you are looking for alternative gifts that will really make a difference, try some of the suggestions below.

Support for the Stubbs’ Family

Churches, organizations and individuals are invited to provide support for our family

as we serve the global church in Tanzania. In 2007 we became paid missionaries,
instead of volunteers as we were for the first year of service. Our compensation is set
by the ELCA and contributions do not change it one way or the other, but the ELCA
certainly encourages support that comes in for specific missionaries.

Starting in January 2011, Makumira agreed to pay us two local salaries and the ELCA pays the balance. Though we experienced a time of testing to see if we should still be in Tanzania, we are happy to say that that has been confirmed on many fronts. This split compensation is a unique solution that will allow us to stay for a while longer to complete the tasks that we have begun.

Churches and individuals that sign covenant agreements with the ELCA for Stubbs’ family support of at least $2,000 have first priority for visits when we are back in the States. THANK YOU to those that are already providing support. There are links to the churches on our LINKS page. You are an important part of God’s ministry in Tanzania and it is not possible without supporters like you.

For more details please check out:

    Project #1 Music Facilities Construction

One of the long-term projects for the development of the music program at Makumira is to have a permanent facilities. We broke ground February 2016 and are nearing the completion of Phase 1 (4 permanent buildings plus outdoor spaces). We have set up a Global Gifts project through the ELCA (see the box below) to accept tax-deductible donations.

The project will have 3 phases of construction. Phase 1 construction is largely funded as part of a sizeable grant through the European Development Fund for the preservation and promotion of Tanzanian cultural heritage. Phase 1 is a performance/workshop space and music library/archives/video & audio editing facilities, African dance and instrument training facilities, office & conference facilities. We need to raise about $200,000 for to complete Phase 1. For Phase 2, which includes additional music classroom spaces, choral/orchestra rehearsal space, teaching studios, practice rooms, music offices, and music technology facilities fund-raising has not yet started.

We are very excited that this is now in the construction stage. See the Cultural Arts Centre website ( or contact us directly for more information.

        Project #2 Music Equipment

Thanks to a number of generous donors, we have secured basic sound and recording equipment at Makumira. Right now the first priority is the building fund, but once we have all of the new spaces we will need additional instruments, equipment and furnishings. The Music Department has started new pre-university music courses (Certificate and Diploma level) October 2015. This should increase our total music enrollment and also bring a need for more resources. If you would like to help in this area please see the box below for details.

        Project #3 Music Scholarships (undergraduate or graduate)

A complete year’s tuition, room & board, medical insurance, and pocket money is about USD $2,700 per student. This is roughly four times the annual salary of the average Tanzanian and one large reason why education is such a privilege here. Many of our music students have some sponsorship through their employer, family and friends. There is a government loan program, but many of the music students do not qualify because they do not have sufficient academic credentials, though musically they are very strong. If you are interested in assisting with undergraduate music education at Makumira, money can be pooled or you can sponsor a specific student. Please e-mail us for specific details.

  1. In order for Tanzanians to eventually run the music program at Makumira students must

  2. have a Masters Degree in music. At present there are only four Masters of Music programs

  3. in the entire continent of Africa, so students graduating from the Bachelor of Arts in Music

  4. here (the only one in Tanzania) will have to go abroad to continue their education. Because

  5. of the extremely low cost of living in Tanzania, raising funds to study abroad is impossible

  6. without some sort of significant outside scholarship assistance.

  7. Excel Michael is now in his second year of his Masters in Music Education at Texas Tech

  8. University. We look forward to his graduation in May and joining our staff in the fall. We are

  9. so thankful for these talented graduates from our program

  10. Sophia Kuyenga completed her Masters program in May 2016 at Texas State University
    in Music Education (Choral). She graduated from the music program at Makumira in 2013. We

  11. welcome her as the newest member of our music department staff!

  12. Pastor Emmanuel Kaghondi has completed his Masters program at University of Texas in
    Music Education in May 2014, and he is now teaching in the music department with us. In August

  13. 2016 Kaghondi started his PhD studies at University of Minnesota! We will miss him, but in the

  14. long run we know this will be a tremendous boost to the music department here.

  15. Pastor Seth Sululu completed his Masters of Music in Choral Conducting at Northern Illinois
    University in 2012.  He was our first full-time Tanzanian member of the music faculty at Makumira.

  16. Now Sululu has also started his PhD studies on a part-time basis at the University



      Support for the above projects goes through the ELCA directly. We are pleased to say that 100% of the donation will go to the designated purpose (and is tax-deductible according to IRS guidelines).  Here is how it gets credited to the particular project out of the hundreds of projects the ELCA gives support. Please follow the instruction exactly.

This information changed in November 2014. Please follow the new procedure and use the new address.

  1. 1)Choose which area you are supporting and write this on the memo line or specify online or by phone, according to the instructions below. It is very important to include the proper designation. If you want to send us an e-mail saying that you sent a gift it is fine, then we can verify it when we receive our quarterly report, and send you a thank you note several months sooner.

          Stubbs MSG0631      (mission support for the Stubbs family)   or   
       GMG0849 TZ Makumira Music Building Project    or
       GMG0705 TZ Makumira Music Scholarships (specify Undergraduate or Graduate)  or
       GMG0706 TZ Makumira Music Technology        

2)  By check: For sponsorship make payable to “ELCA Global Church Sponsorship” with “Stubbs MSG0631” in the memo line  or 
for project support make payable to “ELCA Global Mission Gifts” with “GMGxxxx” (the number above) on the memo line.
Mail your check to:

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Gift Processing Center, P.O. Box 1809, Merrifield, VA 22116-8009.

For Missionary sponsorship only you may also pay online:

By credit or debit card: See  or call 800-638-3522 and specify “code and words listed above”.

By automatic monthly bank withdrawal, or to establish a covenant of prayer, communication and support: Contact 800-638-3522, ext. 2657, or

         Project #4 Music Instruments, Books, and Equipment

We are happy to announce that there is a way to donate music instruments, books, and equipment to Makumira’s music programFriends have helped Makumira to receive  shipments of 2 gaylords (4’x4’x4’ boxes) each, arriving 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016. The next shipment will be packed in DeKalb, Illinois in July 2017. 

The goal is to ship 1 shipment each year, so you can hunt for those nice instruments and books that are just gathering dust in your attic or basement. Please, we only need playable instruments (especially brass) and more recent music textbooks (eg: printed in the past 25 years). For other music equipment please contact Randy or Liz first.

YOU can help our music students to have access to the best resources possible in East Africa. Thank you!

As mentioned above, there are many worthy projects that can benefit from your financial contribution. If you want more details on the projects above or other worthy projects here in Tanzania just send us an e-mail and we will be happy to provide more information.