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About Me:

Name: Megan Alyse Stubbs

Age: 18

Birthday: October 11
Grade: Senior (high school) plus a lot of other things
MFAQ (Most Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you like about Africa?-
I like the general attitude of the people: “You get there when you get there, take your time, your always welcome in our home.” The pace of life is also slower then that in America. I also enjoy being able to go to the local market.
Do you know Swahili?
Yes. I’m fluent.
Do you have many friends?
Yes! Most of them aren’t my age because the ones my age are pretty much all at boarding school. I have Juliana, of course, who is a good friend and sister. I also have several younger friends 13 yrs. and under who come to choir, and older friends closer to my age who I get together with during break when they are home. As to ‘wazungu’ friends, I have them but we don’t really see each other because they all live on the other side of town.
What do you miss about America?
First I miss my family (Grandparents, Cousins, etc.) and our friends. The other thing I really miss is playing in an orchestra. I got the chance to go back to Summer Music Clinic in Madison WI last summer, and I scored first chair in the honors orchestra! (see picture in black and white) That was a really good experience. Little things that I miss once in a while are ice cream, bike riding, and tree climbing (here you don’t do that because of the monkeys). 
Do you like America or Tanzania better?
I don’t like either better. They are so different that I even begin to compare. However I definitely feel ‘at home’ here more than the States.
What is the most wonderful thing and the most undesirable thing about being here?
The most wonderful thing is that we are always welcome anywhere and people are so warm and friendly. The most undesirable thing I would have to say is that when I venture out of Makumira and surrounding village I am in a fish bowl.  Except for the people that know me, I am just ‘the white person’. Sometimes I would just like to fit in, just a bit, and maybe go to a market or someplace and not be charged at least twice the price because of my color (this is where bargaining comes into play...). But even though sometimes it’s a bit wearing, I wouldn’t leave for anything!!!
What do you do for school?
This is a complicated question. I do lots of stuff for school. In the morning I teach English, Math and a bit of science to our ‘charge’ for the year- a girl who is taking a year to study music and such with us before she begins secondary. When I am done with that I usually practice cello (after chai time is music- we have guitar, flute, harp, piano, violin, recorder, and cello all going at the same time some days!) then after lunch I do my school. I do several classes through a very good internet program called Northstar Academy, a few on my own, and a few through the music department here at Makumira [Music theory, African ensemble, choir, 3rd year. (Last year it was all of the above 1st year plus European music history)].
What was your reaction when your parents told you “we’re moving to Tanzania”? Did you miss your friends?
Well, I thought it was AWESOME! I couldn’t wait to get here! I didn’t think much about leaving my friends because ‘we were only going to be here for one year’. Ha. Of course once we got here I loved it so much that when we were told we could stay longer I was elated!
What are you planning for college?
To be honest, at the moment, I’m not. I will concentrate on finishing high school first, and I am planning to stay here in TZ as long as I possibly can. If that means taking a year or two or three off between, that’s fine with me!
Will you name a monkey for me?
Yes! Just send my Dad an e-mail or contact us in some way with the name and it’s done! Check out my monkey pictures to see them! (Warning: may take a while to get pictures up)


My  favorite drawing I’ve done so far

Playing cello
at a wedding
in Zanzabar

My early cello playing days

Me and Mercy  (wearing a dress 
I made her)

Escorting the ‘new arrival’ home. Bella now has a kid (ha ha) of her own!

My favorites


Tanzanian: Wali wa maharage (rice and beans)

American: ice cream, burgers, cheese

Other: Pod Thai, Italian, Mexican, pretty much anything edible, except snails and frogs.


I love fantasy literature! Especially books like Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.


Anything clean, funny, interesting, containing something romantic, and rated no higher than PG-13!


Tanzanian: Mdako, Rede, Bao

Other: Yahzee, Blokus, cards, and pretty much anything else.


Blue (especially sapphire) and orange

Subjects in School:

African ensemble, Music (of course) and a class called ‘Learning to Learn’

Place to go:

The ocean! I also really love mountains and camping and forests and lakes and hiking and... yeah. Nature stuff.

Stuff to do:

I love being social! Talking with people is fun and you can learn so much from them. I also really enjoy helping my mom with her choir (I teach the dance part- I love dancing!). I also like to cook (I enjoy experimenting...) and draw and do calligraphy and sew and decorate cakes (even though I don’t like to eat icing...)

Me when I was really young...

One of the cakes I made last year

My advent calligraphy project

Me and  Joyline

Cooking at Sanya Juu

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Pictures from America and Europe

Our family

My artwork for our family CD cover